Shejidan Wiki
Author C. J. Cherryh
Illustrator Todd Lockwood
Publication date April 2016
Published by Daw Books
Publication Order
Preceded by
Tracker (6.1)
Followed by
Convergence (6.3)

Seventeenth book in the Foreigner series; second in the sixth trilogy arc.

Official summary[]

It’s been a year of upheaval, since Bren Cameron’s return from space–a year since he and the aiji-dowager, one of his most powerful atevi allies, returned home from their two-year interstellar mission to find the government overthrown and their world in chaos. Now, at last, things on the atevi world seem to be on the right track, and Bren hopes that life may soon become much more tranquil.

But something is coming, quietly, stealthily–just the first ominous twinkle of a new star in the heavens….

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