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  • This is a page for trying to find the answers to possible contradictions, inconsistencies, or just plain unknown details about the Foreigner series.

How many humans live on the island of Mospheira at the start of the series?

According to Foreigner, about 4,300,000 .

How many humans are aboard the Phoenix?

According to Defender, around 1,500.

How many humans were alive at Reunion when the Phoenix returned?

How many humans from Reunion returned to Alpha aboard the Phoenix?

4078 [Destroyer p41]

How many of Ilisidi's "young men" were killed in the assault on Najida?

Which clan did Damiri's parents belong to?

Domiri's father, Komaji, was Ajuri clan [this is discused frequently in Intruder and Protector]. Her mother was Atageini and the sister of Lord Tatiseigi