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Most of the clan names do not show on the maps published in Invader or Conspirator and are taken from the text of the books. Sources are noted. Also, due to the complex atevi genealogy, notable clan members will typically have ancestry from multiple clans and may also be born to one clan but be considered a primary member of a different clan.

Clan Province Region Members Notes
Ajuri Dursai Northern Komaji Damiri's father's clan.
Atageini Padi Valley North Tatiseigi Shares borders with Taibeni, Ajuri and Kadagidi. Damiri's mother's clan.
Caratho Senji South Coast
Edi Sarini Southwest Coast Aeiso Originally from Mospheira, the Edi were settled on the mainland under the governance of the Maschi. As of Betrayer, a proposal to settle them in their own lands under their own lord is put forth by Ilisidi. They are to be given the western portions of the Kajidama and Najidama peninsulas as their clan lands.
Entaillan Brominandi Foreigner, Book 3, Ch I
Farai Senji South Coast
Gan Originally from Mospheira and the archipelago beyond Mospheira, the Gan were settled on the mainland under the governance of the Dur.
Kadagidi Padi Valley North Murini, Aseida
Maladesi The paidhi's appartment in the Bu-javid is on loan from the Maladesi. During their expedition to the second station the appartment was occupied by the Farai, a clan of diffucult man'chi, claiming to be distant relatives of the Maladesi.
Maschi Sarini south-to-middle west coast, just north of the Marid Geigi Sub-clans Pejithi, Parathi. Shares borders with the Taisigin and Senjin Marid.
Nisebi South Mospheira traded with the tropics, with the Nisebi, down south, ... Foreigner, Book 3, Ch I
Oturi South of Shejidan
Ragi Valasi (Tabini's father) The Ragi are closely associated with the Padi Valley. It is not clear which clan Valasi descends from within the Ragi.
Samiusi Sarini West Coast Sub-clan Paru.
Tachi Mospheria West Islands Manadgi first person of any atevi clan to have contact with humans after planetfall when he kidnapped Ian Bretano, one of the first human colonists. (Foreigner, Book 2, Chapters I, IV))
Taibeni Tabini's mother
Taisigi South Coast Murini As of Murini's death, the clan head is Machigi. Shares borders with Senji and Maschi.
Talidi Murida Foreigner, Book 3, Ch I