Shejidan Wiki

(From the appendix of Conspirator )

Major Clans that are Ragi or affiliated with the Ragi[]

Taiben (Tabini’s clan: Padi Valley district: historic enemies of the Atageini)

Atageini (Tatiseigi’s clan: Padi Valley district: lady Damiri’s maternal clan)

Malguri (Ilisidi’s clan: Eastern, far side of the continent)

Dur (the north coast Islands)

Ajuri (lady Damiri’s paternal clan, northern)

Samiusi/Maschi (Geigi’s clan, west coast)

The Edi clans (loosely bound to the Maschi, therefore to Tabini: an aboriginal coastal people akin to the Gan. Both Edi and Gan are matrilineal.)

The Gan clans (loosely bound to Dur, therefore to Tabini: an aboriginal Mospheiran people; matrilineal.)

The various mountain clans

The various northern clans

Clans that are not firmly Tabini’s[]

Kadagidi (Murini’s clan, Padi Valley district: historic allies of the Atageini: they have relatives among the Atageini and the Tasaigi)

The clans of the Marid: the Farai sept of Morigi clan; the Tasaigi; the Dojisigi; etc.

Some clans of the East (bound to Tabini through Ilisidi of Malguri clan, who is their aiji)

Probably the most interesting person we can track the genealogy of is Cajeiri. As Ilisidi remarks in Destroyer, "There has never been such heredity as my great-grandson’s." To see Cajeiri's heredity, see The House of the Aijiin.